We are excited to announce the launch of a new drone insurance product, designed to provide coverage for all non-standard drone operations.
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Why do I need public liability insurance for my drone?

A commercial drone operator in the UK, as a minimum, needs public liability insurance to protect against legal liability for third party property damage or injury whilst using a drone.

What does drone public liability insurance cover?

The insurers will pay for all sums which you become legally liable to pay, and will also pay, as compensatory damages, (including costs awarded against the insured) in respect of accidental bodily injury, (fatal or otherwise) and accidental damage to property caused by the drone or by any object falling there from.

Is Moonrock's drone insurance UK cover fully compliant with EU Regulation (EC) 785/2004?

All our policies comply with Regulation (EC) 785/2004 and include war risk insurance, as required by the CAA. Commercial drone insurance in the UK is only legal if it is compliant with (EC) 785/2004, including cover for acts of war, terrorism, hijacking, acts of sabotage, unlawful seizure of aircraft and civil commotion. Please note that not all drone public liability insurance includes this.

Do you cover cyber attacks and invasion of Privacy?

Yes, with Moonrock's extensive drone insurance covers you against both.

Am I covered for theft?

Yes, all insured drones and ancillary equipment, such as cameras, batteries, Ipads, etc are covered against theft.

What does drone material damage insurance cover?

The purpose of material damage insurance is to cover costs related to reinstating the asset lost or damaged in an incident. Within our drone insurance policy, this particularly concerns any damage to the drone itself, and equipment associated with that drone including cameras, gimbals and batteries, which are all insured under our material damage.

What is covered in your hired in cover?

Anyone who's had a crash or technical issue when operating a drone knows that it can take weeks, for a repair to be processed. That's a lot of damage caused to your business if you don't have a back up drone. At Moonrock, we ensure your business is not interrupted by a crash through our hired-in cover which will give you the same cover with the hire drone as the one you own.

Is my drone equipment covered whilst in transit?

Yes, your drone and ancillary equipment is covered in transit anywhere in the world, including flights or when shipped by courier.

Do I need to purchase employers’ liability insurance in my policy?

Employers’ liability insurance is a compulsory cover if you are an Employer in the UK. This policy must cover employees for at least £5 million, however Moonrock provides £10,000,000 of cover for additional peace of mind. Therefore, we provide the option of you purchasing employers’ liability Insurance, which you can add to your drone policy, if you additionally need it on behalf of your employees.

How many drones can I cover in my policy?

All our annual policies can cover multiple drones up to the maximum value of your material damage cover.

What happens if I buy a new drone after getting a policy?

All our annual policies can cover more than one drone and if you buy a new drone you don’t even need to tell us, you will simply be covered up to the material damage limit on your chosen policy.

Do you cover modified drones?

Please contact us directly to ensure your modified drone will be covered.

Do your policies insure me when flying abroad?

Yes, all our annual drone policies provide cover for using your drone in all countries worldwide. You must also check and ensure you are flying within the regulatory framework of the local aviation authority.

Do I need to buy insurance?

All commercial operators need insurance for drones in the UK. You will also need permission from the CAA. Please visit the CAA website for guidance on safety and rules that apply to drone flying. https://www.caa.co.uk/Consumers/Model-aircraft-and-drones/Flying-drones/

Can I buy flight insurance for my drone flight assessment?

Yes, you can buy our award winning flight assessment cover just for your flight test. When you upgrade to our annual policy, we will reimburse you the full amount of your flight assessment cover, so there is no extra cost for your drone cover.

Should I buy annual cover before my flight assessment?

Upon passing your assessment and sending in your operations manual to the CAA to get your Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO), it is common to wait for up to 2/3 months for this to come through, so our advice is that it is usually beneficial to buy Flight Assessment Cover first, to give you the flexibility of buying your annual cover at a later date of your choosing.

Can I pay my annual policy premium in instalments?

Yes absolutely.

Can you cover higher public liability insurance than £5M?

Yes, simply fill out a Bespoke enquiry form and one of our operators will contact you right away.

What if I wish to fly outside of the remits covered in my existing policy for one job?

Simply contact us and we can advise how we can help.

We do cover other professional equipment in our additional property for more information please contact us.

Is there a difference between drone insurance and UAV insurance?

No, UAV insurance or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle insurance, insurance for drones, SUA insurance and Quadcopter insurance are all simply terms for the same thing and will all provide aerial cover and insurance for all your drone flying.

Why do you work with Hiscox?

Hiscox are regarded as the absolute crème de la crème of insurers, with a reputation for looking after customers. We're very proud that our policy has been developed from the ground up, with the best company.

Why should I insure with Moonrock?

We pride ourselves on offering the best drone insurance in the UK that's suited perfectly to professional drone operators seeking superior insurance to operate drones commercially in the UK. Our staff and well informed on the drone industry and we will always ensure you have the correct policy for your needs.

How do I make a claim?

Hiscox' superior claims service is the heart of their business, and we take our duty to handle insurance claims seriously with the utmost good faith and clarity. If you need to make a claim you can find out more details on our dedicated page http://moonrockinsurance.com/claims. If you have any other questions please email our team info@moonrockinsurance.com or call us at the office on +44 (0)2039 150 555

Can I cover other professional equipment such as my ground based camera or editing equipment in this policy?

We do cover other professional equipment in our additional property for more information please contact us.

Can you cover higher public liability insurance than £10M?

Yes, please get in touch with us at info@moonrockinsurance.com or call 0800 852 7757