We are excited to announce the launch of a new drone insurance product, designed to provide coverage for all non-standard drone operations.
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New Cover Options

10 Dec 2020 Unknown

Moonrock Insurance have launched a new drone insurance product in response to growing demand from customers, including UAV operators in the media, emergency services, agriculture, inspection and construction sectors. Moonrock now offer drone insurance that also provides cover for non...

1000 drone pilots

1000 drone pilots covered (and counting...)

04 Aug 2017 Unknown

Just 18 months since take-off, Moonrock Drone Insurance – which specialises in drone insurance, underwritten by Hiscox, for commercial pilots – has safely landed its 1000th insurance policy. For Moonrock’s CEO Simon Ritterband, the growing success of the product vindicates what he ...

The Futue

...its something about the future

11 Jan 2017 Unknown

  What is it about new technology that makes us so frequently fearful? There are so many examples, when the train and the car were first rolled out the outcry was almost deafening. Similarly, in more recent times the concept of payment over the Internet itself originally had very negative pr...

Reaper drone firing missile

Easier Said Than Drone

06 Dec 2016 Unknown

We ask why the drone business gets such a bad press? As a company who wants to promote the positive about drones, we scour the daily news to find good stories extolling their virtues and the amazing things they can bring to the world, but here’s the rub – it is easier said than drone (s...

It’s a hard life being a drone battery 1

It’s a hard life being a drone battery

08 Aug 2016 Unknown

If one looks closely at the life of a drone battery, you would be correct in thinking it’s not easy; say in comparison to the common ‘AA’ battery, which can be found on any high-street, powering any number of electronic devices for a relatively low cost and providing power ‘o...

Best Insurance Product Drone Show Award

Insurance4drones awarded best Insurance Product at UK Drone Show Awards!

21 Dec 2015 Simon

We are thrilled to announce that Insurance4drones has been awarded the UK Drone Show’s ‘Best Insurance Product’ award. “We have endeavoured over the past year to build policies truly dedicated to drone pilots, covering their actual insurance needs, that at the same time simp...

Females With Altitude - Why are there so few female drone pilots?

29 Nov 2015 Simon

At Insurance 4 drones we regularly look at demographics when researching whom our potential customers might be. One thing we have noticed is how few female pilots are using drones commercially; in fact approximately 6% of PFAW’s (Permission For Aerial Work) given by the CAA, are to females. We...

They used their drones to do what?!

14 Oct 2015 Simon

As specialists in UK drone insurance, we talk to a lot of drone operators each day. And most of them use their drones in ways that don’t make our jaws drop: shooting film scenes, taking photos for wedding, aerial surveying etc. There are some people, however, who have slightly crazier ideas w...

Postman Pat

Could Drones replace Postman Pat?

12 Oct 2015 Simon

With Amazon and other disruptive retailers now testing the possibilities of drone deliveries, the hapless postman must know his days handing over one package a day to the residents of Greendale are numbered. In April Amazon started testing Amazon Prime Air, its futuristic delivery service, after th...

The Jetsons are here!

The Jetsons are here!

12 Oct 2015 Simon

It’s taken thirty years, but we’ve finally achieved the dream of many children of the 1980s – people are living like the family in The Jetsons, the cartoon set in the future where everyone whizzed around in flying cars and there were gadgets for everything. Well, nearly. How close...

Protect your drone from Cyber Attack

06 Oct 2015 Simon

A report released by Lloyd’s of London insurance market in August this year has highlighted concerns around safety, security and surveillance in the drone sector as it continues on its path of rapid expansion. Three keys areas were identified as needing to be developed: regulation; safety thr...

When drones go wrong...

05 Oct 2015 Simon

The Producers of blooper shows like ITV’s You’ve Been Framed are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of a new raft of material provided by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Drones. This wedding video captures the touching moment when a drone smacks the groom in the head while he&...

The rise of the drones

The rise of the drones

01 Oct 2015 Simon

Wedding photoshoots, searches for missing people, pizza delivery… the use of drones for business and organisational tasks is rising all the time. Businesses in all sectors are rushing to cash in on their potential, while charities and non-profits are keep on using drones to keep costs down. ...