We are excited to announce the launch of a new drone insurance product, designed to provide coverage for all non-standard drone operations.
Contact simon@moonrockinsurance.com directly to find out more about this unique offering

Our Values

We always aim to:

  • Take pride in everything we do
  • Act with integrity and honesty
  • Deliver value for money
  • Treat you with respect at all times
  • Be role models within our industry
  • Provide high quality, professional and expert service

About Moonrock

Simon RitterbandSimon Ritterband

Upon qualifying to be a registered UAV Pilot, our CEO Simon Ritterband sought to obtain insurance as would be expected. It was immediately apparent that the insurance market for drones was wholly under-developed, with very few offerings and very user-unfriendly.

He created a team to vastly streamline and improve the process, with Mr Paul Lisberg, bringing business management experience, having spent years on the Executive Management team of major global entertainment businesses, and Dominic Trigg, who has twenty years experience running an industry leading insurance brokerage, to form Moonrock.

Moonrock offers the first instant purchase policies for drone pilots, eliminating the laborious process of providing extensive information, and then having to wait for a call back or email response. We have also sought to provide policies that really deal with the concerns and genuine risks for pilots. Our policy offers cover for cyber security and is the first to offer privacy cover, which is the general public’s primary concern about the growth of drones