We are excited to announce the launch of a new drone insurance product, designed to provide coverage for all non-standard drone operations.
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We pride ourselves on offering the best drone insurance in the UK that's suited perfectly to professional drone operators seeking superior insurance to operate drones commercially in the UK. Our staff are well informed on both insurance and the drone industry and will always ensure you have the correct policy for your needs.

But don’t simply take our word for it, please scroll down to see what our customers say about us, along with our policies’ key features and benefits and more about why we won the award for the UK Drone Show’s Insurance Product of The Year.


Key Benefits

  • Click and purchase for instant insurance
    No arduous form filling and waiting for a call back or email response saving you time
  • Simple to cover more than one drone on a single policy
    This is simple and easy with no need for drone serial numbers & number of hours flown
  • We insure your drone against cyber attack
    We protect your drone against vulnerability to hacking, interception & manipulation
  • We provide cover for worldwide (ex USA and Canada) usage of your drone
    Extended geographical limits allowing you to pilot globally
  • Ancillary equipment including gimbals, tablets, and chargers also come under our policies
    These items are automatically covered and do not cost you extra to cover
  • We cover breaches of Data Protection
    Any compensation claims regarding personal data held by you are covered
  • Should your insured drone(s) need repair we will cover alternative hire costs
    We will make sure you don’t lose business providing a courtesy drone for up to 6 months
  • We insure your drone against privacy infringement claims
    Giving peace of mind as the public’s biggest concern regarding drones is invasion of their privacy
  • We offer Flight Assessment only cover for about to qualify pilots
    Allowing customers the convenience of only taking annual insurance after receiving their PFCO
  • Your drone is covered to the same extent whether it is in flight or not
    No variation of cover depending on where the drone is situated
  • Employees of your company, including outsourced contractors are covered
    Employees & contractors are covered for legal defence and compensation claims


  • The key factors when searching for an insurance policy are ease of purchase; the particulars of the policy itself; the company’s customer service; dealing with claims and competitiveness of price. Moonrock’s drone insurance policy came up trumps for me on all the above counts, with their instantly available buy online policies, which had more covers than other drone policies at very keen prices along with excellent customer interface which they particularly demonstrated when dealing with a claim my company had to make.

    Davy Hannah, Inspired Aerial Images
  • I first came across Moonrock not long before my Flight Assessment because they were the first company to offer a Flight Assessment only policy which was a great solution to a problem that had previously existed of getting annual insurance for a period when you couldn’t use it.

    Since then, I built up a camaraderie with Simon, their MD and want to thank him and the company for providing well explained and comprehensive policies underwritten by Hiscox that give my company exactly the security that you seek with insurance.

    Stuart Morgan, Stuart Morgan Productions
  • I hold Simon and the team at Moonrock in the highest regard as far as customer service goes, which is top notch. Whether by phone or email, I get the information and answers I need in a prompt and courteous manner. I felt he had my best interests in mind and thank him for the thoroughness and time spent to make sure we have the best policy for our needs.

    Crowd Managment Company
  • We know from our experience of operating manned aircraft just how important it is to have all-inclusive insurance in place to cover the potential eventualities. We analysed and compared the policies from four companies before selecting the "Standard Policy" provided by Moonrock Insurance.  This was slightly more expensive than the others, but provided wider and better cover with less exclusions and overall was the best value for money.

    We were also impressed by Moonrock Insurance excellent customer service and the professional advice we received regarding cover for our drone operations at sensitive locations such as active airfields.  While we always take great care to minimise the risks associated with our operations, it's reassuring to know that we've got the team at Moonrock Insurance on our side should we ever need them.

    Overhead Pictures
  • Excellent service, from my initial call to arrange the policy the Moonrock Insurance team have been extremely helpful. I've since had several projects requiring paperwork amendments or additional cover at very short notice which have always been processed in record time - 10/10

    Darren Giles, SkyCam HD
  • There are a number of insurers out there who will cover your drone.  They’re all, though, a bit of a muchness when it comes down to personal service and, in particular, their understanding of the industry.  What I liked about Moonrock is that they only talk drones, so they have an excellent understanding of the challenges we are facing.  Their rates are competitive and their policies have some nifty ideas - but the ‘killer app’, I think, is their drone expertise.  We’re all out there on our own trying to build our businesses, but there are very few resources where we can turn to for advice.  Simon’s knowledge of drones and the challenges we face is exemplary.  If anything goes wrong out there, I just know Moonrock will do a first class job in putting it right.

    Dean Overton, Overdrones
  • The service I received from Moonrock Drone Insurance is simply unrivalled. Clearly as passionate about the evolving drone industry as I am; the friendliness, willingness and professionalism of the staff was immediately apparent when they went above and beyond with their help, drawing from a vast wealth of knowledge within the aviation world.

    Jake Potter, Rotorscope